Increased structural rigidity faster speed and well-enhanced communication capability ready for manufacturing processes aimed at loT

The 30000 series is a multifunction robot designed with both cell production sites and automated inline installation in mind the Ethernet (LAN) is included as standard equipment and the faster speed up to 900mm/ sec ensures greater output on production line

Increased communication capability
A LAN port included as standard equipment allows users to control several robots from one pc

PC Software JR C-points II”(optional)
“JR C points II” is application software which allows users to create edit and save teaching and customizing data all a PC as well as set point and create and edit point commands more smoothly

Easy Teaching
Using the dedicated dispensing application software all you need to do is select the positione where you want the needle tip to go (point) and dispense. (10different display languages

Easy camera system installation
With such functions as automatic calibration or CCD camera adjustment it is easy to create a comprehensive machine vision system package just through COM ports (COM1 is installed as a standard


AUTOTUBE system allows users to directly dispense a tube or a cartridge-type material like a silicon adhesive using a special container with air pressure instead of refilling it to other containers. The material can be dispensed without causing air bubbles and an operator can handle the operation without hand fatigue.


Model: SVC720V Standard Valve Controller


  • Consistent, precise volume control for high precision dispensing valves.

Model: SVC620S Spray valve controller


  • All digital display ensures versatility and flexibility for precise spray control

Model: SVC720F Conformal Coating Valve Controller


  • Fast response pneumatic solenoid maximizes dispensing performance

Model: SVC620D Coating Dot Valve Controller

  • Non-contact dot, spray line dispensing can be selected


Model: SDP520


  • Most versatile, all digital display for optimal process control

Model: SDP420


  • Programmable dispensing ensuring a high degree of process control

Rotary Tubing Dispenser

SRD150 is designed to apply various materials such as instant adhesives (cyanoacrylates), thread-locking fluids, anaerobic adhesives, solvents or medical fluids with rotary (peristaltic) movement instead of using pneumatic pressure and generates few air bubbles in the fluid, which is ideal for applications including consistent fluid dispensing, transferring and filling.


  • Reduces stress on fluid feed tubes  extending tube life
  • Less heat transfer because of   the rotary mechanical part


HYPERDOT provides non-contact, high-speed jetting at a rate up to 300 drops/second and exceptional volumetric control for a variety of fluid viscosities ranging from middle to high viscosity (up to 400K mPa.s).


NOVADOT is a unique electromagnetic non-contact dispenser providing high-speed delivery and exceptional volumetric control for various low to medium viscosity fluids. Combining controller programming with a temperature-controlled rigid dispensing head makes this system ideal for robotic applications.

Diaphragm Valve

Model: SV62 (Precision compact diapphragm for accurate flow control)


  • Designed to dispense controlled amounts of low to medium viscosity fluids such as solvents, cyanoacrylates, anaerobics and fluxes without chemical reaction by isolating fluid from internal parts

Model: SV62-D (Compact diaphragm valve especially for resist materials)


  • Designed for precise dispensing of low to medium viscosity fluids such as resist materials
  • SV62-D has the ability to rapidly obtain maximum flow rates which reduce turbulence and the formation of bubbles

Model: SV12 (Mini-diaphragm valve for controlled, consistent coatings where space is limited)


  • SV12 mini-diaphragm is about 60% smaller than SV62 in size
  • It also provides drip-free and consistent coating

Needle Valve

Model: SV51 (Faster response speed enables clear cut-off of the fluid)


  • Designed to apply a small amount of low-viscosity fluids with accuracy and the unique packing structure of the valve contributes to superior durability

Model: SV51MD (Precision needle valve ideal for consistent microdot applications


  • Designed to apply low-viscosity fluids as small as 1 nl with accurate, repeatable and consistent deposit control, while ensuring drip free dispensing even for applications of a minute

Piston Valve

Model: SV35DA (Reliable shut off enhances accuracy and consistency for medium to thick fluids)


  • Designed to apply uniform dots and stripes of medium to thick fluids such as grease and silicone and a suck-back function prevents dripping

Model: SV35HF (Fast and accurate filling process for low to high viscosity fluids


  • Designed to consistently dispense middle to high viscosity materials
    Featuring a fast, clean cut-off that prevents dripping and drooling and excels in precision filling applications

Spray Valve

Model: SV91(Low volume, low pressure spray coatings enable high transfer efficiency)


  • Designed to provide consistent coating of low to medium viscosity fluids with low volume low pressure air without causing overspray or misting

Model: SV97MS (Low volume, low pressure air provides consistent, precise micro spray coating)


  • Designed to provide a uniform spray volume as small as 1 nl

Conformal Coating Valves

Model: SV91CD (Non-contact dot, spray line, can be selected with one valve)


  • Designed to dispense conformal coating materials into 3 patterns: non-contact dot, spraying or line dispensing to properly cover a restricted area

Model: SV70 (Precision conformal coating dispensing misture-proof material into thin film patterns)


  • SV70 ensures superior stability without overspray as well as a faster and drip-free dispensing process

High Pressure Spool Valve

Model: SV46 (High pressure spool valve for applying a neat bead of sealant and grease)


  • SV46 is a pneumatic, balanced spool valve for consistent dispensing of industrial sealants, silicon and greases at input pressure up tp 17.2MPa

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