As the Universal Order of Sequence goes – FIRST THINGS FIRST.
Each organization has its own defined founding pillars – the strength on which it further builds itself & reaches the heights of success.

For KYORITSU ELECTRIC INDIA, the first & most important pillar of it’s organizational strength areit’s CORE VALUES.And we strongly believe that there’s no one better in an organization than its OWN PEOPLE, to define these core values.

In an intense, action packed session, TEAM KYORITSU passionately & unanimously drafted their core set of values, based on the principles of W.I.N.

WIN Values

W : ‘WE’ before Me
The name KYORITSU means “standing together” in Japanese and it is the very core principle on which this founding value of our company is laid.

‘WE’ are a TEAM WITH A STEAM. We strongly believe in trust, honesty and integrity.
We take pride in what we do &our team is constantly striving with efforts to fuel growth for the company through innovation & by bringing best thinking together.

I : ‘I’ am Responsible
‘Take ownership, get it done!’- this mantra is deeply imbibed in every Kyoritsu employee.
Every Kyoritsu member is conditioned to be a proactive leader in himself/herself, so that they embrace perseverance, go the extra mile and become passionate contributors with focus on outcomes.

N : ‘N’urturing World-Class Customer Experience
At Kyoritsu, we believe that just ‘selling a machine’ or ‘servicing a breakdown call’ is simplyNOT ENOUGH to ensure customer satisfaction.

For us, winning in customer satisfaction &achieving excellence incustomer service comes purely from offering a World-Class EXPERIENCE to all our stakeholders.

A customer-centric approach with focus on quality deliverables and service with gratitude & care is how we believe in nurturing this world-class experience for our customers & their success.